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Chiropractic Care

The focus of this type of natural health care is identifying any kind of nerve interference in the spine and the body and reducing it. “I will find if there are any misalignments in your spinal column or I will examine your whole body,” said Dr. Beth Greene.

Dr. Beth considers herself a nervous system doctor, not a back doctor. “By clearing out the nervous system the body can heal itself,” she said.

Benefits of Chiropractic

In addition to being completely natural and safe, here are some other benefits of chiropractic:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces pain
  • Increases energy
  • Promotes better sleep

Chiropractic care is ideal for alleviating arthritis, headaches, neck pain, sciatica, numbness and tingling and so much more. Moms-to-be also can experience healthier and more comfortable pregnancies with our care.

This tool can be used to adjust anywhere on the body-the spine, bones, soft tissue, cranial bones, etc. The high-speed and low-force method is gentle and gets amazing results.

“With KST we follow the body’s wisdom because KST utilizes muscle testing. So it’s just tapping into what the body wants, not necessarily what I want. I want to do what the body allows me to do. Slowly, hopefully, we can help the body heal of a lot of things,” said Dr. Beth.

In addition to KST, which uses the ArthroStim® adjusting instrument, we offer Drop Table Technique and Diversified, a manual adjustment. Regardless of the technique that’s used your adjustment will be customized.

How Often Will I Need to Come in for Care?

Typically with a new patient, you’ll come in more frequently at the beginning of care as it’s a more intensive phase if you’re in pain. Our goal is to first get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

Once the adjustments hold, we can taper you off and decrease the frequency of your visits. Then we can get you to the point where you come in for maintenance care. That frequency can look different for everybody. Sometimes it’s every three weeks, sometimes it’s every month and sometimes it’s every six weeks.

Can you adjust patients in different positions?

Yes, Dr. Beth can adjust people in various positions, including standing, sitting, or lying down. For example, with an older senior who might get dizzy lying down, Dr. Beth can adjust that patient while they’re in a standing or sitting position.
Why should I try chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is gentle, safe, effective, and can help you experience natural pain relief, improved range of motion, better sleep and so much more. So why not try it?
Can chiropractic help me get off of my pain medication?

In many cases, yes! One of the reasons people seek chiropractic is they don’t want to rely on pain medication to get relief. Chiropractic provides effective relief without the dangerous side effects associated with medication.
Can chiropractic help with stress reduction?

Yes! The body can be stressed from mental, emotional, and chemical stresses. Dr. Beth can sometimes pick those up. “Sometimes I’ll get emotions that come up and I adjust for those emotions, which helps get the stress of those emotions out of the person’s body,” she said.

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