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Pediatric Care at
New Life Chiropractic

You may wonder why a child would need chiropractic care. After all, they likely don’t have bad back pain. “I’m adjusting babies and children for any misalignment they have, because it’s going to help them grow in a healthier way, whether posture-wise or just getting pressure off their nerves to help them in all ways,” said Dr. Beth Greene. ??What Are Some Benefits?

Chiropractic care can help your little ones to be as healthy as they can. We believe that spinal health and nerve interference are often overlooked in health care, particularly for children. While they’re growing, kids often fall off and can get injured. While they may not have pain, they could be out of alignment and their body’s not going to be as healthy.

Many kids and their parents are unsure of what to expect when they come in for chiropractic care. Children often are concerned that they’ll get a shot or their visit will be like one at a pediatrician’s office. That’s not the case here. They won’t be poked, prodded, or given a shot or any medication.

As a pediatric chiropractor, Dr. Beth also seeks to develop trust with every one of her pediatric patients. “I want kids to know that our practice is a safe place for them to come. It’s my experience that once they trust me, kids intuitively know that chiropractic care is good for them.”

The first visit

We will give you some paperwork to complete for your child. Dr. Beth then will do a consultation. She will ask the mom pertinent information anywhere from how the birth process went and what their body or the baby or child’s body has been through. Dr. Beth also will ask you if you have any health concerns.

She will check your child’s range of motion and retained primitive reflexes. Those reflexes can impede the development of postural reflexes and brain development. If Dr. Beth finds any she can provide some home exercises which can help heal those. She also can check your child’s posture and then will provide a gentle adjustment.

Rest assured that Dr. Beth only uses low force adjustment with babies and children. To do she uses the ArthroStim® tool that taps lightly. Dr. Beth shows children the tool and will tap the moms so the child can see that it’s gentle and is like a tickle.

The Second Visit

When you bring your child back for this appointment, Dr. Beth will explain what she found, how often you should bring your child in. If your little one has a particular health condition, she will need to see them more frequently-a few times a week, which will help their adjustments to hold.

Does an adjustment hurt?

No, not at all. Dr. Beth provides extremely gentle adjustments. They are comfortable, painless, and safe for babies and kids of all ages.
How long do you think it will take to help my child?

It depends on what they’re coming in for. If your child sustained a sports injury, for example, it will likely take several sessions to help that injury heal. If you’re bringing your child in for wellness care, then those visits can be less frequent, perhaps once a month or every few months.
How is pediatric chiropractic different at your practice?

Again, it’s our low-force technique, which allows kids to get adjusted comfortably and without feeling anxious.

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